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 Sets supremos (Seasson 2)

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Dragon Knight Armor

Blade Knight
Armor with the sprit of the black dragon Rutra, the guardian of Dark Knight. It only extends its power to the ultimate Dark Knight. This is a Raven-black armor with a scattered golden flame patterns. 380

Venom Mist Armor

Soul Master
Armor that has a power of Holy Python Bergen, the symbol of infinite wisdom and wizardry. This armor can only be worn by the ultimate Dark Wizard who can bear the power of Bergen. 380

Sylpid Ray Armor

Muse Elf
Armor of Divine spirit Nornen who gives her blessing to the elves and leads them to rest. It was once told that Nornen transformed herself into a silver fox and came to this world. That's the reason why this armor has a form of fox on the chest piece. Sylpid Ray armor can only be worn by an ultimate warrior of the elven clan. It was created by an energy spirit. 380

Volcano Armor

Magic Gladiator

Gagoil is a monster with a powerful strength and superior wizardry and is often compared to the Magic Gladiator since both of them are masters of swordsmanship and wizardry.
Volcano armor has a spirit of Letoz the superior of Gagoil and it can only be worn by an ultimate magic gladiator who is recognized by Letoz. 380

Sunlight Armor

Dark Lord
This armor has a divine protection of the God of light Lugard. It was created from the holy light of Rugard and refined repeatedly for 7 days and nights that it shines brightly even in the darkness. The face of Garuda, the empire protector is engraved on the chest piece of the armor. 380

Bone Blade

Blade Knight
This giant blade was created by the bones of black dragon Rutra and it can slash nultiple opponents in a single sweep. The Silver white jewel engraved on the blade symbolizes the core spirit of the black dragon. Bone Blade interacts with the armor and gives the power of dragon to the character.

Grand Viper Staff

Soul Master
Grand Viper staff has a spirit of Bergen the holy python. It possesses the blue aura all around and has golden python heads on each end.

Sylph Wind Bow

Muse Elf
Divine sprit Nornen's bow. Its wing shape symbolizes the wind and has blue violet shades all over. Draw a bow with a strong will and its arrows become so powerful that it can penetrate any object.

Explosion Blade

Magic Gladiator
This blade was owned by the king of all Gagoil Letoz. It has double padded brass in the middle and a beautiful pattern is carved on top. The studded jewel at the middle part is the magical stone called the Bloody Ruby that can save mana.

Soleil Scepter

Dark Lord
The Soleil Scepter has the divine protection from the God of light Rugard. It possesses a golden aura around it and there are a set of wings attached on upper part that symbolizes the Garuda clan.

Obs.: Fiz meio na pressa, assim que possível eu traduzo.

Um abraço a todos!
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Sets supremos (Seasson 2)
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